Product API

The Product API provides a REST-based interface to's full catalog of products.  The data includes up-to-date pricing, descriptions, options, inventory, images and reviews for the millions of product past and present in the catalog.  The catalog contains products from all of the stores found on and can be found via our Search or Store listing APIs.

For an example of how to find products please look at the following tutorials

Once products of interest have been found you can dive into a wealth of information for which to display in your own rich applications.


Some products can have many variations (i.e. a Black Size 10 Shoe) which we call permutations.  Permutations are a matrix of all possible combinations of options that are available (i.e Black Size 9 Shoe is out of stock).  Through a combination of options we can arrive at a unique SKU.

Output's APIs return JSON as their preferred output format with XML as an optional format.  All responses can be GZipped using the Accept-Encoding: gzip header. For deeper understanding on the fields returned see the field detail section below.

Field Detail

ProdIDThe SHOP Product IDint
SKUThe Merchants SKUString
ProdContainerIDThe ID for a container of Product IDsint
OPContainerIDThe ID for a container of offers of this UPC across many merchantsint
StoreNameThe Store nameString
StoreDescriptionThe Store descriptionString
StoreLogoImageFileNameThe Store logoString
StoreWWWLinkThe Store WWW linkString
StoreLocaleIDThe Store's localeint
CaptionThe Product captionString
ProviderImageThe Store's product image as hosted on CDNString
DepartmentNameThe department name i.e. SocksString
BrandThe brand of the ProductString
ImageURLThe Product image URLString
ImageWidthThe image widthint
ImageHeightThe image heightint
videoFilenameThe Product video URLString
doNotUseIf true the product should not be used as it is either from he back catalog or preliminaryboolean
isMACatalogIs a Market America product?boolean
isOneCartIs a One Cart product (can be purchased on SHOP.COM)boolean
isLinkOffIs a link-off product (can be purchased on the partner site)boolean
externalAddToCartUrlIf the product is a link off then the URLString
flagsA collections of feature flags of which this product supportsFlags
ProductTypeThe Product TypeString
categoryInfoThe category this product is inCategoryInfo
SponsoredLinkTermThe matching sponsored link termString
AlternateImagesThe list of alternate imagesList
DescriptionThe Product DescriptionString
MerchantDescriptionThe Merchants SKU DescriptionString
priceInfoThe Products extended pricing infoPriceInfo
currencyThe Products domestic currencyString
currencyTemplateThe money template for displaying the priceString
priceThe Product priceBigDecimal
originalPriceThe Products MSRPBigDecimal
isOnSaleIs the product on saleboolean
cashBackThe products cashback statusCashBack
WeightThe products weightdouble
ConditionThe products conditionString
AvailabilityThe products availabilityString
StatusIDThe products statusint
statusDateThe status change dateDate
latencyThe product latencyint
quantityDiscountsThe quantity discountsList
optionDataThe options for the productOptionData
otherProdContainerProductsLinks to other products in the containerList
otherOPContainerProductsThe other product offers from all storesList
browseDataA list of department breadcrumbs to the productList
extendedDescriptionsA list of extended descriptionsList
disclaimerAny product disclaimersString
reviewDataReviews for the productReviewData
similarItemsA link to any similar productsLink
powerReviewDataReviews from powerReview for this productPowerReviewData
storeSiteLinkA link to the store on SHOP.COMLink
productLinkA link to the product on SHOP.COMLink
alternateProductLinkA link to an alternate product from a different localeLink
ProductReviewsA link to the product reviewsLink