APN Categories

Categories Resource
This resource allows a user to get all shop.com product categories for a given locale. Any category’s ID can be passed into the Search resource categoryID input to search for products within that category. Each category also has a hypermedia link that will perform a search within that category.
publisherIDThe Publisher’s Affiliate IDQuery Param
localeLocale to retrieve categories for. Locale format is ISO 689-1 language code and ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code, separated by an underscore (e.g. en_US).Query Param
categoriesList of categories that are available for the provided locale (see Category table)Array of Objects
Category Object:
nameThe name of this categoryString
productCountThe number of products in this category that match your searchNumber
idThe id of this categoryString
subCategoriesA list of categories contained within this categoryArray of Objects
linksA list of hypermedia linksArray of Objects