Getting Started

All public services from SHOP.COM are offered through this developer portal, including the services supporting our “Affiliate Publisher Network” (APN).

Our developer portal works on a model where the developer has a single organization, and applications associated with that organization.

The developer can be the sole member of their organization, or they can invite other developers to be part of the organization and contribute to applications. Developers invited that are not already registered with SHOP.COM Developer Portal will register and then can accept the invitation.

Within their organization, developers create applications and associate them with APIs. Each application-API combination will have its own API usage plan of 5 calls per second with no quota.


To register with the developer portal, just visit . You will be sent an email confirmation to complete your registration.

Create your Application for API Key

If you did not create an application during registration, you will need to create an application before you can work with any APIs. A unique API Key and your choice of APIs will be associated with each application you create.

Explore our APIs

Once you have an API Key, you can easily explore each API by navigating to them under the API Documentation tab.

Stay Informed

Keep up with the latest changes in our APIs through our Forum.

Please let us know what you think. Shoot us an email at developerSupport@SHOP.COM