Search API

The Search API provides a REST-based interface to's full catalog of Products and Stores. The data includes up-to-date pricing, descriptions, options, inventory, images and reviews for the millions of product past and present in the catalog. The catalog contains products from all of the stores found on and can be found via our Search or Store listing APIs.

For an example of how to find products please look at the following tutorials

Once products of interest have been found you can dive into a wealth of information for which to display in your own rich applications

Output's APIs return JSON as their preferred output format with XML as an optional format. All responses can be GZipped using the Accept-Encoding: gzip header. For deeper understanding on the fields returned see the field detail section below.


restQueryTimeThe date/time the search request was processedString
restQueryUrlThe query URLString
thisQueryUrlThe query URLString
originalQueryThe search termString
originalCategoryThe category in which the search is doneString
thisQueryThe search termString
thisCategoryThe category in which the search in doneString
sortTypeThe sort mode for the resultsString
oneCartModeThe OneCart mode (1=OneCart, 0=all products)int
onSaleIf true, the search is restricted to items on saleboolean
onSaleToggleLinkThe link to toggle between on sale items and items not on saleLink
oosFilterThe out-of-stock filter value (1=out-of-stock, 0=all products)Integer
oosToggleLinkThe link to toggle between out-of-stock items and in-stock itemsLink
oneCartToggleLinkThe link to toggle between OneCart products and all productsLink
cashBackOnlyFilterIf true, the search is restricted to items that have Cashbackboolean
storeSearchIf true, the search is done within stores, not productsboolean
storeVolumeIdThe SHOP VolumeID within which to searchInteger
resultsFromRecommendationsIf true, results are returned from Lucene recommendationsboolean
searchBroadenedIf true, the search has been broadened to all productsboolean
searchBroadenedOutOfCategoryIf true, the search has been broadened outside of the requested categoryboolean
searchNarrowedIf true, the search been narrowed into a specific categoryboolean
narrowedCategoryThe category into which the search has been narrowedString
broadenQueryThe query for broadened resultsString
broadenQueryUrlThe broadened results URLString
taxonomyLevelThe taxonomy levelint
countThe number of results returnedint
pageNumberThe page number of resultsint
pageSizeThe number of items per pageint
pageCountThe total number of pagesint
breadCrumbThe breadcrumbList
canonicalUrlThe canonical URL for the searchString
linkToThisPageUrlThe link to the pageString
titleThe HTML title tag for the pageString
pageDescriptionThe HTML description tag for the pageString
keywordsThe HTML keyword tag for the pageString
flagCountsThe counts associated with various flags for the result setList
featuredBannerDataThe featured banner data (image src, height, width, alt text, URL)FeaturedBannerData
navDataThe category and attributes data for the searchList
recommendedDataThe recommendations returned by Lucene, e.g., top searches and top brandsList
recommendedCatalogDataThe recommended store returned by LuceneStoreVolume
categoryItemsThe recommended alternative categories for the search resultsList
snippetsThe list of HTML snippets to display on the top of the pageList
searchItemsThe products in the result setProdInfo
previousLinkThe link to the previous page of resultsLink
moreLinkThe link to the next page of resultsLink
sortByLinksThe links use for sorting (by popularity, by newest, by price descending, by price ascending)List
sponsoredLinksThe links to sponsored search termsLink